Daniel Ross Yeo and Charlotte Brown

Daniel Ross Yeo (1806–1885, the first of four men to bear this name) was baptised at Stoke Damerel in 1806 to parents John Yeo and Jane Macey Ross. He married Charlotte Brown at Ide in 1826; they baptised a daughter and a son in the Exeter parish of St Sidwell:
– Lavinia Joanne Charlotte Yeo (1827–1891, married Frederick Phillips)
– Daniel Ross Yeo (see below).

Daniel Ross Yeo (1830–1901, son of Daniel Ross Yeo and Charlotte Brown) married Harriett Sarah Hooper in 1851. They had a daughter:
– Harriet Lavinia Yeo (born 1852, married Albert Henry Percival Snow)
before moving to London and having six further children:
– Daniel Ross Yeo (see below)
– Charles Yeo (born 1856, married Ann Prouse, five children)
– Henry Hooper Yeo (1858–1905, married Louisa Povey, three children)
– Charlotte Yeo (born 1860, married Charles Philip Coles)
– Frederick Yeo (1860–1909, married Alexandria Ramsden, ten children including Daniel Ross Yeo – see below)
– Walter Albert Yeo (1862–1900, married Alice Jane Bettles, son Albert Walter Yeo born 1889).

Daniel Ross Yeo (1854–1902, son of Daniel Ross Yeo and Harriet Sarah Hooper) married Emma Louisa Leonard in 1878. They had five children:
– Leonard Ross Yeo (born 1879, married Martha Elizabeth Evans, two daughters)
– Louisa Mary Yeo (born 1881, married Charles Gladstone Risley)
– Robert Walter Yeo (born 1884, married Elizabeth Frances Fisher, son Leonard Robert Yeo born 1912)
– Alfred Daniel Yeo (born 1886, married Fanny Florence Houghton)
– Harry Samuel Yeo (born 1892, died in France 1916 see War deaths)

Daniel Ross Yeo (1882–1946, son of Frederick Yeo and Alexandria Ramsden) married Sarah Frances Taylor. They had one son:
– Daniel Albert Yeo (see below).
Sarah died in 1908, shortly after the birth of her son. Daniel Ross Yeo remarried; no children are recorded from his second marriage in 1921 to Beatrice Smart.

Daniel Albert Yeo (1908–1973, son of Daniel Ross Yeo and Sarah Frances Taylor) married Rosie Margaret Duggan. They had two daughters:
– Pamela A. Yeo (born 1939, married Jack Carr)
– Norma D. Yeo (born 1942, married Frank Hensman).

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