Richard Yeo and Susanna Spry

Richard Yeo was baptised at Stratton in 1749 to parents Robert Yeo and Elizabeth Elliot. He married Susanna Spry at Whitstone in 1774 and had three children:
– Richard Yeo (see below)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised at North Petherwin in 1776, married John Woolley at St Andrew, Plymouth in 1801, died in 1839)
– Susanna Yeo (baptised at North Petherwin in 1778).

Richard Yeo (baptised at Boyton in 1775, son of Richard Yeo and Susanna Spry) married Elizabeth Caseley at Stoke Damerel in 1805. They baptised eight children at Ide:
– Ann Yeo (baptised 1806)
– Susanna Yeo (1807–1872, moved to London and married Adrian Gane Sherman)
– Robert Yeo (1809–1886, moved to London and married Mary Buck, no recorded children)
– Richard Yeo (1811–1878, married Catherine Forster in Gloucestershire in 1866, eight children)
– Samuel Yeo (1813–1864, married Jane Ward, no recorded children)
– William Yeo (1815–1894, moved to London and married Louisa Diana Tyson, seven children)
– Julia Yeo (baptised 1816, moved to London and married Henry Fleetwood)
– John Yeo (1818–1882, married Mary Ann Williams and moved to London, two children).

Elizabeth died in 1818 and Richard appears to have re-married; confirmation of this marriage is needed, but appears to have been to Elizabeth Wills at Holy Trinity, Exeter in 1820; this couple baptised six children at Ide:
– Elizabeth Yeo (1820–1900, married John Harris and later emigrated to the United States)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1821)
– Martha Yeo (baptised 1823)
– Ann Yeo (1824–1828)
– Maria Yeo (baptised 1826)
– Philip Yeo (1832–1833).

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