Joseph Yeaw and Martha Thornton

Joseph Yeaw (1728–1764 [note 1], eldest son of David and Jane Yeaw of Marblehead, Massachusetts) married Martha Thornton, with whom he had four sons:
– Oliver Yeaw (see below)
– Abraham Yeaw (see below)
– Isaac Yeaw (born about 1759)
– David Yeaw (1761–1793).

Oliver Yeaw (c1757–1791, son of Joseph Yeaw and Martha Thornton) married Temperance Carpenter. Their four children were born in Vermont:
– Joseph Yeaw (1783–1825, married Sarah Towles)
– Thomas Yeaw (born about 1784)
– Oliver Yeaw (born about 1789)
– Polly Yeaw (born about 1795, married Nathan Brand).

Abraham Yeaw (c1757–1799, son of Joseph Yeaw and Martha Thornton) married Mary Moon. They had at least three children:
– Isaac Yeaw (1782–1863, married Rhoda Colvin)
– James Yeaw (1783–1870, married Nancy Randall)
– Mary Yeaw (1792–1840 [note 2]).

For more information about this family see see the 1962 book The Yaw-Yeaw Family in America published by the Yaw-Yeaw Family Society and its 1970 supplement.

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1. A transcription of Joseph’s baptism record published by The Essex Institute in 1903 also lists the baptisms of his younger brothers David (1731), Philip (1733) and Amos (1734). The family surname is spelt Yaugh.
2. Mary had a daughter Tabitha H. Yeaw, 1816–1867, for whom the only record appears to be the inscription on her headstone.