Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Mason

The details below are from 2004 research by Sheila and a correspondent of hers in Australia.

Thomas Yeo (1772–1837) was the only son of John Yeo and Elizabeth Philp of Werrington. He married Elizabeth Mason at Boyton in 1793; they had ten children:
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised at Werrington 1794, married William Stanbury, daughter Susan Yeo Stanbury)
– John Yeo (1796–1876, married Margery Stacey, six children including William Mason Yeo, 1831–1903)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised at Werrington 1801, married Jane Crocker [note 1], son Charles Yeo, see below)
– Joanna Yeo (baptised at Werrington 1803)
– Mary Yeo (baptised at Werrington 1805, married Arthur Way, son John Yeo Way born in South Australia)
– Susanna Yeo (see John Thomas Scown and Susan Yeo)
– William Yeo (baptised at Werrington 1809, married Ann Barfitt, three children including Thomas Yeo, see below)
– Charles Yeo (1812–1923, married Mary Goodman at North Petherwin in 1866, three children, emigrated to the United States)
– Thomazine Yeo (1815–1858, did not marry).

Charles Yeo (baptised in the parish of St Stephen, near Launceston on 15 June 1828, son of Thomas Yeo and Jane Crocker) emigrated to Australia. He married Mary Schooling in 1853 and had three sons before Mary’s death in 1886:
– Charles Henry Yeo (see below)
– Thomas Yeo (1857–1919, married Dinah Hart, three children)
– William Yeo (1860–1937, married Elizabeth Bell Laughlin, five children).
Charles then married Georgina Everist in Melbourne in 1888. They had one daughter:
– Florence Everist Yeo (1889–1965).

Thomas Yeo (baptised 1835 at Bridgerule, son of William Yeo and Ann Barfitt), married Margery Creeper Lane at Lawhitton in 1857 and had four children.

Charles Henry Yeo (born in 1855, died in 1937 in New Zealand), married Elizabeth Jane Garden. They had seven children:
– John Charles Yeo (see John Charles Yeo and Elizabeth Hickox)
– Frank Yeo (1879–1943, moved to New Zealand, married Edith Cocks, no recorded children)
– Thomas Douglas Yeo (see below)
– William Elphinstone Yeo (1883–1963)
– Frederick Gordon Yeo (1885–1968, married Kathleen Margaret Flynn)
– Elsie Jane Schooling Yeo (1888–1966)
– Doris Winifred Yeo (1891–1963, moved to New Zealand and married Herbert Hutton at Auckland in 1926).

Thomas Douglas Yeo (1881–1962, son of Charles Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Jane Garden) married Susan Eliza Dhu at Perth in Western Australia in 1910. They had five children:
– Charles Henry Yeo (born in Perth in 1912, died on 2 October 1942 while serving with the Australian army in New Guinea).
– Eva Doris Yeo (1914–2008)
– Frederick Gordon Yeo (1916–2001)
– Frank Douglas Yeo (1918–1980)
– Elsie Jean Yeo (born 1920, died as an infant).

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1. Thomas had no other children from this marriage, and none from his second marriage (to Elizabeth Lillicrap). He had an apprentice John Yeo Way, who should not be confused with the Australian-born John Yeo Way referred to in the second paragraph above.