William Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Welsford

William Henry Yeo (1844–1905) was born at Great Torrington. He married Elizabeth Welsford in 1873; their ten children [note 1] were born at Appledore:
– Grace Maud Yeo (1873–1952, married George Staines)
– Henry Welsford Yeo (1875–1920, married Alice Andrews, no recorded children)
– Bessie Ann Yeo (1877–1941, married William Bissett)
– John Yeo (see below)
– Emmeline Yeo (1882–1929, daughter Vera Beatrice Yeo, 1909–1918)
– James Yeo (1885–1946, married Florence Annie Burrow, no recorded children)
– Thomasine Lily Yeo (1887–1918, married Reginald Frederick Hearn)
– Edwin Yeo (1890–1959, married Emma Folley, eleven children)
– Beatrice Ann Yeo (1894–1976, married Thomas Kelly).

John Yeo (1879–1920, son of William Henry Yeo and Elizabeth Welsford) married Mabel Susan Martin in 1906. They lived at Appledore, where they had two children:
– John William Thomas Yeo (see below)
– Gladys Mabel Yeo (born 1916).

John William Thomas Yeo (born 1914 at Appledore, son of John Yeo and Mabel Susan Martin) moved to Scotland, and married Doris Violet Ling at Dunfermline in 1941. They had two sons:
– Brian Yeo (born 1944 at Dunfermline)
– Ronald Yeo (born 1946 at Dunfermline).

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1. The birth of Dorothy Smallridge Yeo was registered at Bideford in the third quarter of 1905. She married Frederick William Hockaday in 1929, they had two daughters and she died in 1985. Was Dorothy related to this family? She might have been their youngest daughter, or their granddaughter (a daughter of their daughter Emmeline).