Bartholomew Yeo and Zenobia Halse

A marriage licence was issued at Exeter on 20 January 1623/4 for ‘Bartholomew Yeo of Nymitt King’s and Zenobia Halse of Beaford’. 

There is no record of the marriage taking place at Kings Nympton and it pre-dates the start of parish registers for Beaford by thirty years. 

Bartholomew, a signatory to the 1641 protestation return for nearby Bradford, died at Beaford in 1652 and Zenobia administered his estate.

Bartholomew and Zenobia appear to have had two sons, and Sheila looked into their line of descent in response to an email from a correspondent; Kaye Kelly also researched the family. One of Sheila’s draft pedigrees traced the six children of their elder son Andrew Yeo (1630–1662) and his wife Joan, including:
– Bartholmew Yeo (born 1658), had six children with his wife Jane)
– Andrew Yeo (see below).

Andrew Yeo (born c1650, son of Bartholomew Yeo and Zenobia Halse) married Prudence Avery at Highampton in 1677 and had eight children, including James Yeo and John Yeo.

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