Amos Yaw and Alma Davis

Amos Yaw, a son of Amos Yaw and Nancy Carpenter, married Alma Davis in Ira, Vermont in 1816, and had two sons:
– Loren or Lorenzo Yaw (born 1818)
– Samuel Davis Yaw (born 1820).

Their elder son Lorenzo Yaw married twice, and died in Pennsylvania. There were three children from his marriage to Elizabeth or Beula Ann Green:
– Richard Yaw (born 1851)
– Lemon Carpenter Yaw, see below
– Anna Yaw (1854–1938, married Alexander J. Barbour)
and six children from his marriage to Sarah Woodley:
– Elmer B. Yaw
– Lanie Yaw
– Susie Yaw (married surname Fawcett)
– Jonathan Yaw (three children)
– William B. Yaw
– Edward Yaw (1860–1945).
Lorenzo, also known as Lauren, died in Pennsylvania in 1808.

Samuel Davis Yaw, younger son of Amos Yaw and Alma Davis, married Mary Green in 1845 and had nine children, including:
– Edgar Amos Yaw (1844–1919, married Elizabeth O’Connor and Alice Power, eight children)
– John Bruce Yaw (1857–1938, married Lois Johnston, four children)
– Harriett Elizabeth Yaw (1862–1940).
Samuel died in Pennsylvania in 1901.

Lemon Carpenter Yaw (born 1852, son of Loren Yaw and Elizabeth Green), married Rosalia Ellen Mullan in 1876. The family is listed in the 1880 U.S. census for Elkland, Pennsylvania, which records them as Lemuel or Samuel Yaw (a 28-year-old farmer born in Vermont) and Ellen Yaw (his 28-year-old wife, born in England). With them is their one-year-old daughter Ellen Yaw; she and their other seven children were:
– John S. Yaw (1877–1877)
– Elsie Yaw (born 1879)
– Ella Yaw (1879–1957)
– Leslie E. Yaw (1881–1959)
– George Washington Yaw (1883–1966)
– Irene A. Yaw (born 1890, married surname Fulton)
– Marilla Yaw (born 1893, married surname Burrows)
– Russell Yaw (born 1895).

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