Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hancock

Thomas Yeo was baptised at Hatherleigh in 1680. He married Elizabeth Hancock at Sampford Courtenay in 1700 and they had four children:
– Isaac Yeo (see below)
– Hannah Yeo (baptised 1704, married Thomas Dunstone, no recorded children)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1708)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1713, married Joan Gale, seven children including Thomas and William, see below).

Isaac Yeo (1701–1762) first married married Sarah Tucker; there are no recorded children from this marriage. He then married Christian Weeks (a family that Sheila researched in 2014 after being contacted by Keith Thomas). This second marriage took place at Sampford Courtenay in 1726 and produced four children:
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1728)
– Elizabeth Yeo (baptised 1730)
– Hannah Yeo (baptised 1732)
– Thomas Yeo (baptised 1733, married Margaret Ruby, four children).

Thomas Yeo (1745–1826), son of Thomas Yeo and Joan Gale, married Joanna Westlake and had five children.

William Yeo (1754–1833), son of Thomas Yeo and Joan Gale, married Mary Drew and had five children including William Yeo (see below).

William Yeo (baptised at Inwardleigh 1780), son of William Yeo and Mary Drew) married Mary Medland and had five children:
– Isaac Yeo (baptised 1804, married Elizabeth Webber, moved to Plymouth, seven children)
– Mary Yeo (baptised 1806)
– Martha Yeo (baptised 1808, married Richard Britton)
– James Yeo (baptised 1813, married Sally Bolt, three children)
– Benjamin Yeo (see Benjamin Yeo and Ann McBain)
– Joanna Yeo (baptised 1818).

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Was the Thomas Yeo at the top of this page a son of Abel Yeo and Jane Small? Sheila looked into this possibility but was unable to demonstrate a link.