Baptisms – England and Wales

This file, developed by Sheila over a number of years, contains transcribed baptism records for England and Wales for the years 1550 to 1837. The file may not be printed and is protected by copyright. Users of some operating systems might need Adobe Acrobat to view it.

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A revised and expanded set of baptism records is under development. It will contain many additional records – several hundred from counties outside Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, nearly 500 for registered surname variants, and over 50 previously transcribed as Geo, Yem or Yes and overlooked by Yeo researchers. The new format will be fully searchable by forename and date. These baptism records and the similar sets of marriage and burial records are being collated from transcriptions made by Martyn Yeo from images of the register entries, and from earlier transcriptions made by Humphrey Toms, Reg Walter, J.W. Bastin, Sheila Yeo, Nick Heard, Gill Badcock, David Carter, Steve Hobbs, Janet Few, Mary Elizabeth Jessie Yeo, Beryl Smedley, Rachel Daine, Phillimore’s Marriage Registers, Boyd’s Marriage Index, the IGI, various county family history societies, and several members of the online parish clerk scheme. It will be the most comprehensive set of Yeo and variant transcriptions ever assembled.

Because the information recorded by these different transcribers is presented differently, the collated data will inevitably not follow a consistent layout. We will not show surnames in capital letters as some of the sources do.