Henry Yeo and Mary Buckingham

The 1891 census for 32 Butterfield Street in the Everton area of Liverpool records Henry Yeo and his family. His age is given as 30, his occupation as insurance agent and his birthplace as Braunton, Devon. Listed with Henry are his wife Mary (age 30, born at Landkey) and five children, all born in Liverpool: Thomas H. (age 9), Frederick J. (8), George F. (6), Selina K. (4) and James (1). Also in the household are lodgers Mary Smith and Sophia Smith.

By the 1901 census, the family has moved a short distance to 95 Salisbury Road and additional children Edith A. (8) and Gertrude J. (5) are recorded. Henry’s occupation is given as coal dealer; perhaps the family is now more affluent, as no lodgers are shown.

A third occupation for Henry Yeo is recorded on his marriage certificate: he married Mary Buckingham in the parish church at Landkey on 8 May 1889. Henry is described as a journalist and his place of residence is given as Stockport.

Henry Yeo’s children [note 1] appear to match these Lancashire birth registrations:
– Thomas Yeo, 1881 (Toxteth)
– Frederick John Yeo, 1883 (Toxteth Park)
– George Alfred Yeo, 1885 (Toxteth Park)
– Selina Kate Yeo, 1886 (Toxteth Park)
– James Yeo, 1889 (West Derby)
– Edith Ann Yeo, 1893 (West Derby)
– Gertrude Jane Yeo, 1896 (West Derby)

Thomas appears to have married Bessie Benyon in 1914, Frederick appears to have married Alice Emily Knowles in 1907, George appears to have married Elizabeth Garner in 1913, Selina appears to have married Henry George Farquhar in 1915 and Edith appears to have married Frank Beeston in 1922.

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1. A correspondent informs us that Henry and Mary also had twin daughters Mabel Sophia Yeo and Winifred Ada Yeo in 1890.