Alfred Yeo and Sarah Elenor Halls

Alfred Yeo (1860–1944, a great grandson of Wiltshire couple Jacob Yeo and Elizabeth Seager) was born in London. He married Sarah Elenor Halls (who is otherwise referred to as Ellen) at the parish church of St John the Baptist, Kilburn on 11 May 1884. 

Alfred and Ellen had five children:
– Alfred William Yeo (1884–1956, married widow Leah Jane Walter née Huish in 1911, no recorded children)
– Selina Yeo (1886–1943, married Bertie Cornforth Nethercoat in Kilburn in 1913)
– Lily Yeo (born 1888)
– Ethel May Yeo (1895–1951, married grocer George Henry Tucker in 1920)
– Arthur Yeo (1899–1961, married Hilda Margaret May Howe in 1930, no recorded children).

Alfred Yeo senior and his family are listed in the 1911 census at 13 Esmond Road, Kilburn. Alfred is 50, his occupation is recorded as ‘coachman (domestic)’, his wife Ellen is 46 and four of their children are living with them. Alfred (age 26) is a solicitor’s clerk, Lily (23) is a domestic servant, Ethel (14) is a millinery apprentice and Arthur (11) is at school. On his 1884 marriage certificate and on the 1913 marriage certificate of his daughter Selina, Alfred’s occupation is also recorded as coachman. On the 1930 marriage certificate of his son Arthur it is recorded as gardener.

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