Intellectual property and copyright

Many people researching their family history are unaware of (or perhaps choose to ignore) the copyright restrictions that apply to some of the photographs and documents they need to refer to; and some commercial web sites appear to take take no measures to prevent users from sharing copyright images or researched information.

By default, copyright in published and researched material remains in place until 75 years after the death of the author. Copyright in images remains with whoever owns them. Copyright does not apply to short quotations, reviews or material ‘already in the public domain’.

Whether or not intellectual property is explicitly protected by a displayed copyright notice, we do our best on this web site not to show any copyright material. We therefore ask you please to:

(1) Respect this by not downloading or sharing images from this web site that are protected by copyright.

(2) Use the Contact Us page to let us know of any copyright restrictions that might apply to items shown on this web site.

(3) Give us written permission to use on this web site any material you send us for that purpose.