John Edward Broderick Yeo

John was baptised at Stoke Damerel in 1818 to parents John Yeo and Elizabeth Harvey. His third forename has been variously spelt Broderick, Brodrick, Broadlick and Brodlick.

In the same parish he married Mary Amley Smith in 1840. The record of this marriage describes the groom as a blacksmith of 7 Spillier Opening, son of mariner John Yeo. The bride was a spinster of Mutton Cove, daughter of mariner Thomas Smith.

The couple left Plymouth and settled in Gibraltar, where they spent the rest of their lives, and had at least three children:
– Edward Yeo (see below)
– William Yeo (1846–1894, married Francesca Licudi, one son)
– Thomas James Joseph Yeo (1851–1909, married Josephine Montolla).

Edward Yeo (1842–1888, son of John Edward Broderick Yeo and Mary Amley Smith) married Maria Amalia Macedo in Gibraltar in 1864. They had six children:
– Joseph Yeo (see below)
– John Yeo (1867–1906, married Elvira Francis de Guillasa, four children)
– Francis Yeo (1870–1944, married Alicia de la Cuerda, three children)
– Mary Yeo (1876–1968, married Miguel Angel Segovia)
– Salvador Yeo (1881–1932, married Maria Hernandez Enriquez, three children)
– Edward Yeo (born 1886, married Elena Lopez Vasquez, one son).

Joseph Yeo (1865–1943, son of Edward Yeo and Maria Amalia Macedo) married Maria García de Morales in Gibraltar in 1887 [note 2]. They had nine children there:
– Edward Yeo (see below)
– Josephine Yeo (1889–1940, married Arthur Ramagge)
– Amalia Yeo (born 1892, died as an infant)
– Dinorah Yeo (born 1893, died as an infant)
– Francis Yeo (1894–1944, two children with his wife Elisa)
– Joseph Yeo (1896–1966, emigrated to Australia, married Married May Margaret Weston [note 1], two daughters)
– Emily Yeo (born 1899, died as an infant)
– John Yeo (born 1901, married Maria Encarnación de Bueno, four children)
– Annie Yeo (born 1903, died as an infant).

Edward Yeo (1888–1961, son of Joseph Yeo and Maria García de Morales) married Eloisa Celia Yeates in Gibraltar in 1916. They appear to have had six children, including:
– Victor George Yeo (1919–1978, married Aida Pérez, two children)
– Clemencia Maria Yeo (born 1922, married Alfred da Costa) [note 3]
– Evelyn Yeo (born 1926, married Philip Coward).

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1. Married at a Catholic ceremony in Adelaide in 1930. Joseph’s second marriage was to Emily C. Wilkie in 1962.
2. According to a pedigree drafted by Sheila in 2001 – based on information from correspondent George Yeo – Joseph married Maria García de Morales and had the children shown. An unconfirmed pedigree by an Australian Yeo descendant differs, showing a different marriage for Joseph, with a son Francis John Yeo (1894–1967, married Alice Yeo) and a grandson Wilfred Francis Yeo (1930–1995, died in England). Further research is needed.
3. Marriage registered at the British Consulate in Gibraltar in 1945.