Arthur George Yeo and Ada Eliza Painter

Arthur George Yeo (1873–1956) was a great grandson of John Yeo and Elizabeth Punchard. He married Ada Eliza Painter in 1893, and their six children were born at Ilfracombe:
– William George Yeo (see below)
– Christine Yeo (born 1896)
– Frederick Louis Joseph Yeo (born 1898, married Winnie Mock)
– Ivor Clarence Yeo (1900–1961, married Elizabeth Phillips, two children)
– Ernest Edward Yeo (1903–1982)
– Albert Montague Yeo (born 1906, married Florence Reynolds).

William George Yeo (1894–1973, son of Arthur George Yeo and Ada Eliza Painter) moved to South Wales and married Sarah Jane Lewis. They had six children:
– Irene Hilda Magdalene Yeo (1914–1978, married Thomas Hodge)
– Phyllis Yeo (1917–1919)
– William Yeo (1919–1929)
– Edna Sarah Yeo (1922–1981, married William Farr)
– Arthur Yeo (1926–2002)
– Grace Yeo (1929–2016, married Kenneth Ashford).

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