Daniel Yeo and Elizabeth Coombe

Daniel Yeo was born in Stratton in 1846 and married Elizabeth Coombe there in 1868. They moved to Poundstock, where Daniel worked as a shoemaker; he died there in 1922.

Daniel and Elizabeth had nine children at Poundstock:
– Thomas Yeo (see below)
– William Chamond Yeo (1871–1929, married Kate Nash, four daughters)
– Maria Yeo (born 1873, died as an infant)
– Samuel James Yeo (1874–1903, married Elizabeth Emily Rawlings in Herefordshire in 1901)
– Alice Gertrude Yeo (1876–1950, married Frederick P. Bond)
– John Coombe Yeo (born 1879)
– Edward Philip Yeo (born 1882, married Eleanor F. Weedon, lived in Kent and had two children)
– Margaret Jane Yeo (born 1884, died as an infant)
– Claude Sherwell Yeo (1886–1951, married Sophia Baxter, three children).

Thomas Yeo (1869–1910, son of Daniel Yeo and Elizabeth Coombe) married Mary Elizabeth Coleman in Monmouthshire in 1892. They had seven children:
– Thomas Darcy Yeo (1893–1966, married Kathleen E. Baber, three daughters)
– Eric Coleman Yeo (1895, died as a child)
– Herbert Allen Yeo (born 1897)
– Mary Elizabeth Yeo (born 1902 at Portishead)
– Alice Yeo (born 1903 at Portishead)
– Douglas Yeo (born 1905 at Portishead)
– Claud Yeo (born 1908 at Portishead).

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Was Daniel Yeo related to Chamond Yeo and Margery Sharsell? The use of Chamond in the name of his son William suggests there might be a connection.