Yeo marriages in South Africa

Quite a number of Yeo marriages are recorded in South Africa from the mid 19th century onwards. The couples are generally either immigrants or were born in South Africa to immigrant parents.

Examples are:
– John Harris and Katharina Yeo married at Pearston in the eastern part of Cape Province in 1877
– Frederick John Yeo and Christina Martha Schello married by licence at a civil ceremony in Port Elizabeth in 1886; the bride was sixteen and married with her father’s consent
– Arthur Frederick Thomas and Francis Louisa Yeo married in King William’s Town in the eastern part of Cape Province in 1903; the bride was a widow but her original surname is not recorded
– Frederick Henry Yeo and Margery Edith Johnson married in the Doornfontein district of Johannesburg in 1920
– William Brand, a railway clerk, married Joan Yeo at St George’s Cathedral in in Cape Town in 1923
– John Henry Yeo and Olive Maude Beater married in Pietermaritzburg in 1940
– Anthony Justin Tennant Tweedie and Dorothea Margaret Yeo married in Durban in 1963.

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