William Yeo of Launceston and Holsworthy

William Yeo was baptised in the parish of St Stephen, Launceston on 15 November 1767 and buried at Milton Damerel on 11 August 1831. He made his living as a cordwainer, making and repairing leather boots and shoes.

There were four sons from William’s two marriages. From his marriage (at Milton Damerel on 18 September 1791) to Margery Rowell there were three and the only record of the baptisms is from a bishop’s transcript of the parish register:
– John Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on 9 July 1794
– William Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on the same day as his brother John; William married Jane Fanson at Pancrasweek on 4 February 1824 and emigrated with her and their children Thomas, William and John in the early 1830s; they settled in Perth County, Ontario, where they had further children Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Samuel and James Henry
– Thomas Yeo, baptised at Holsworthy on 5 January 1800 (the bishop’s transcript records his mother as Margaret)

From William’s second marriage (at Pancrasweek on 3 March 1811) to Elizabeth Beckly:
– Henry Yeo, baptised at Pancrasweek on 26 May 1811

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