William Yeo and Jane Fanson

William Yeo was baptised in Holsworthy in 1794 to parents William Yeo and Margery Rowell. His line of descent can be traced from John Yeo of Launcells, who married Frances Holman at Poundstock in 1616.

William Yeo married Jane Fanson in Pancrasweek in 1824. They had three children before emigrating to Canada:
– Thomas Yeo (1824–1907, married Elizabeth Ann Babb, eleven children)
– William Yeo (1826–1911, married Susan Wonnacott, eight children)
– John Yeo (born 1831)

In Canada they had four more children:
– Mary Jane Yeo (1834–1907, married James Moore, five children)
– Elizabeth Yeo (1836–1912, married Richard Docking, ten children)
– Samuel Yeo (born 1839)
– James Henry Yeo (1841–1914, married Mary Jane Jewell, seven children)

William and Jane died in Fullarton, Perth County, Ontario in 1874 and 1869 respectively.

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