Thomas Frederick Yeo and Matilda Douglas

Thomas Frederick Yeo (c1825–1897) was born in Ireland. Although he married Matilda Douglas in Surrey in 1852, their three three children were born in Ireland:
– Robert Frederick Yeo (1853–1936, married Alice Elizabeth Sich in London in 1881)
– Constance Mary Yeo (1859–1951, emigrated to Australia and married Ernest de Burgh)
– Charlotte Emily Yeo (1861–1864).

The 1891 census for Gosport records Thomas and Matilda at 2 The Crescent in Alverstoke.

Thomas Frederick Yeo was a judge in Ireland; his son Robert Frederick Yeo was a surgeon in the Royal Navy. For more information about their families see A Yeo Family of Ireland, researched by Mike Darch and David Yaw.

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