The main Yeo lines

Most Yeo families have their origins in south west England, but have spread around the world through movement within the British Isles and emigration to countries overseas.

The list below shows the main lines that have been researched. Please use the Contact Us page for more information. For other pedigrees see the ‘Individuals and families’ section.

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Family linesDescendants in
William Yeo and Leva GrenvilleMany countries
James Yeo and Elizabeth Yeo of SwimbridgeAustralia
Robert Yeo and Rose Cory of StrattonCanada
John Ashton and Ann Yeo WestawayCanada
Humphrey Yeo and Mary Yeo née FortescueLondon
John Yeo and Ann Honeychurch of HatherleighCanada, United States
Richard Yeo and Rosina Victor of BlislandCanada
Thomas Yeo and Elizabeth Hancock of InwardleighCanada
George Yeo and Elizabeth Fletcher of TorquayAustralia
John Cole and Grace YeoCanada
James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent of KilkhamptonCanada
James Yeo and Damaris Sargent of KilkhamptonCanada
John Pippy and Elizabeth Watts née YeoCanada
Thomas Yeo and Grace Walter Ashton née YeoCanada