Descendants of William Yeo and Agnes Savery

This report is available via the link below. It covers descendants of William Yeo, who married Agnes Savery and who died in Totnes in 1612. It also includes:
– Descendants of David Yaw and Mary Jessop, who married at St Marychurch in 1756
– Descendants of William Yeo, nonconformist preacher of Wolborough
– Descendants of Admiral John Yeo, originally from Wolborough.

This is a long and detailed piece of work, and the authors have drawn on previous research as they acknowledge. Their contact details are included in the linked PDF file – please use these rather than the Contact Us page on this site if you wish to get in touch with them or if you have comments or corrections.

Descendants of William Yeo and Agnes Savery
© Mike Darch and David Yaw 2021

DATES In the linked PDF file, most baptism dates before 1837 are expressed as birth dates, and burial dates are expressed as death dates. Readers should assume that the dates given are for the person’s baptism or burial, not their birth or death. This inconsistency stems from limitations in the genealogy software used to compile much of the data that the authors have inherited. See Dates in genealogy for further information.

REGISTRATION DISTRICTS In the linked PDF file, the authors use wording such as ‘died in Newton Abbot 1947 q4’ – in this case to indicate that the death was registered in the Newton Abbot registration district in the year and quarter stated. Readers should be aware that the death will not necessarily have taken place in the town of Newton Abbot but perhaps elsewhere in the district, which included other towns and villages. Similar comments apply to birth and marriage registrations.

WILL TRANSCRIPTIONS In the linked PDF file, transcriptions of Devon wills and administrations by Oswyn Murray or Olive Moger have also been inherited from previous researchers’ work. These transcriptions were not necessarily accurate, and some were summarised. Corrected, full versions will be available on this site in due course, as part of the revised set of transcriptions described in the note in italics on the Wills page.